You've got four days to pick up some great games in the 2019 Humble Strategy Bundle

By Joe Robinson 22 Mar 2019 0

There’s always time for a deal, my mother always said to me. Or it might have been something about eating my greens and doing my homework. Either way, we’ve spotted a new bundle on Humble that we think just might be relevant to your interests.

The Humble Strategy Bundle 2019 has four tiers and a decent enough mix of games. It’s not the most interesting bundle we’ve ever seen for this genre, but there’s some respectable heavy-weights and some hidden gems that you can puck up on the cheap – plus, you get to support charity!

There's only four days left now - the bundle will finish on Monday. It's also worth noting that the tiers have changed since we first reported on this, so make sure you check our revised advice below.

Tier 1 – Pay at least $1 / £0.76

There’s three games available at this tier, the most recognisable one being Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, from Stardock. This Supreme Commander spiritual successor has gone through a painful journey to get where it is now, but for the money you’re spending is well worth a punt if you like massive real-time battles and lots of production-chain efficiency.

The other two – Throne of Lies & Niche – are not games we’ve covered before but they each look interesting in their own ways. Lies is an online multiplayer game that draws inspiration from table-top games like Werewolf and Coup. A lot of social deduction, and a lot of politicking for up to 16 players at a time.

Niche Genetic Survival2

Niche blends elements form turn-based strategy and roguelikes where you need to shape your species based on real genetic principles, and help it survive in the cut-throat world of biological evolution. Paying at least $1 also nets you the Niche soundtrack as a bonus bit of content, if that interests you.

Tier 2 – Pay at least $9 / £6.88

This used to be the third tier, but now that the average price has gone up this is now tier two. It's also probably the best tier of the bundle, for not even the price of lunch; not only to get you get everything above you also get two of our favourite strategy games – Stellaris, and Plague Inc. Evolved.

There’s little more to say about Stellaris than what we've said already – check out our new guide to grand strategy games if you want to learn more, and our DLC guide if you want to figure out what additional content to pick up.

Plague Inc Evolved PC

Plague Inc. is a big hit with our sister website, Pocket Tactics, and its PC iteration is no less addictive. You get to create your own plague – customising it’s base type and any genome modifier’s you’ve unlocked, with the goal of infecting and then killing the entire population of the world. Beyond trying your hand at various disease types, the developers are also really good at keeping the game updated with current events and special scenarios. Post-game support at its very best, and well worth checking out.

Tier 3 – Pay the Average (Currently $10.29 / £7.83)

There’s only two full games in this tier – Dungeons 3 and Offworld Trading Company. It's worth noting that now that the average price has gone up and pushed this to the third tier, it's actually not as good a prospect as it was when we first reported on this. To be honest, I'd only recommend going for this tier if you're going to go the whole nine-yards and get Civ 6 in Tier 4 as well, otherwise you might as well stop at Tier 2 (unless you really want what's in this section).

OTC you should be well versed in by now – the economic RTS has recently just released a free Multiplayer client so that even if you or your friends don’t pick up the full game via this bundle, you can still play together online. This tier also includes the Jupiter’s Forge DLC, which comes with a new map, new factions and a new resource.

Dungeons 3

Dungeons 3 is another game we’ve not covered before, but it’s a self-proclaimed heir to the Dungeon Keeper legacy where players must build and manage their own evil lair, defending it from interfering heroes whenever they decide to wonder in on one of their ‘quests’. You can also raise your own army and invade the overworld, bringing a Warcraft-like flair to the endgame. The base game has an extensive single-player campaign and a co-op mode, and there’s also a respectable library of additional DLC should you wish to experience more.

Tier 4 – Pay $15 / £11.46

The final tier only has one offering – Civilization 6. That most troubled of 4X games, we’ve recently put it back on our list of the best 4X games because of the release of its most recent expansion, Gathering Storm. On balance, it’s still not quite better than Civ V, but with the two expansions combined it’s in a pretty good place right now, and good enough to finally start receiving some recognition. We’re not the only ones who think so either, as Civ 6 is now finally overtaking Civ 5 in terms of player numbers.

Of course, the Bundle only nets you the base game. Granted, at a pretty decent discount considering it’s full price on Steam right now at an eye-watering £49.99. The base game itself is still a bit bland and missing some of the key improvements that you only get from the expansions, which are also still full-price. Might be worth buying into this tier just to secure the base game at a decent discount, and then waiting for the expansions to go cheap as well.


And that’s it for the 2019 Strategy Humble Bundle – some interesting finds there for sure, and all for a decent price. Remember – the best thing about this is not the cheap games, but the fact that you get to support charity as well. Make sure you pick a good one!

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