Sanctus Reach gets surprise sandbox campaign in today's update

By Joe Robinson 11 Sep 2018 0

Slitherine have just announced a surprise update for turn-based tactical strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach. The developers, who’ve recently come out of developing the game’s most recent Horrors of the Warp expansion, have released today an update that adds a sandbox campaign mode:

Now you will be able to completely customize and generate new campaigns to your liking, choosing the faction you'd like to lead and setting the parameters you want. 

Have you ever wanted to lead a horde of Chaos Daemons, facing the servants of the Imperium? Or maybe you'd like to lead a new massive Waaaagh! and fight a series of battles against, well, anyone who would put up a good fight? Now you can!

You choose which faction you want to lead (you can only choose from factions you have access too via DLC etc…) and who you want to fight against. There are other variables such as difficulty, and how many battles in total – 20 being the maximum.

The update also introduces an Ironman mode, which essentially means your units will die permanently if they are destroyed in a battle. They also won’t have their health replenished between missions. Will be interesting to see how this plays out as support abilities such as healing, or vehicle repair aren’t massively prevalent in the game, so I wonder if this will create a niche that can’t be filled.

Sanctus Reach just so happens to be one of our favourite turn-based strategy games. You should check out the others.



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