Slitherine announces a new 4X Strategy game – Astra Exodus

By Joe Robinson 01 Jul 2019 0

A few years ago it seemed everyone wanted to make a space-based or science-fiction 4X strategy game, and at one point they all seemed to be published by Iceberg Interactive, for some reason. It’s a shame none of them really stood out amongst the greats and I feel now as if there’s a bit of burn-out amongst developers and fans of the sub-genre.

We’ve got a list of great 4X games – space or otherwise – that you should check out.

Still, Slitherine – the more mainstream focused arm of wargames maker Matrix Games – are keen to keep the genre afloat with the recent announced of their latest project: Astra Exodus.

It’s inspired by classics such as Star Control, and is a wholly single-player affair. Headline features include:

  • Choice-based narrative campaign.
  • Ship designer with over 100 modules.
  • Real-time tactical battles.
  • Semi-randomised research grid.
  • Eight unique factions.
  • Modding friendly.

It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out – for all its faults, I think Stellaris has set some standards the genre as whole should try and adhere too – such as fully customizable races, large maps (so large you’re not supposed to interact with all of it) and randomised research. My own personal checklist for a game like this follows similar lines, although if pre-set races are done well enough it's not so bad.

One of Slitherine’s other 4X outings – Polaris Sector – had some great individual areas in its research, ship design and tactical battles, but failed to draw it together into a compelling whole. We wish Astra Exodus better fortune.

Astra Exodus is due for release on PC via Steam & Direct later this year.



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