5D Chess with time travel & multi-verses is a thing that exists

By Joe Robinson 27 Jul 2020 0

I’m not going to lie, '5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel' is not a string of words I thought would exist, and yet it’s now quickly become the most important sentence in existence. I like to scroll twitter as I’m a big fan of memes and it’s become my primary source for information (once checked, of course) and sometimes it allows me to find gems that I can’t help but share with you fine folk here.

If you thought Victoria 2 on the Nintendo Switch was a wild ride, you ain’t seen nothing yet - say hello to the only version of Chess you’ll ever need again (maybe), which we were delighted to discover is a thing that actually exists.

That steam review mentioned in the quote, which at the time of writing is the top review on 5D Chess' Steam Page, is quite a read. For those of you who aren't on twitter, behold:

I was playing a game against a human opponent online, and at one point they sent a queen back in time from one of the ten timelines currently in play to put five of my past kings into check at once. I sent one of my own pieces even further back to stall, and they proceeded to send one of their queens back to the start of the game to try and beat me before I even got to that point. I was able to maneuver one of my bishops in the second-most divergent timeline into position to capture the queen in the alternate present once we got back to that point and save the game (I eventually won by checkmating their king 5 turns in the past).

Did you understand any of that? Me neither, but it sounds fantastic.

full 5D chess game tree

Setting aside the meme for a moment, this game isn’t just about melting your brain/enabling your ascension to a higher existence - there is a real game here. Solo play is available against four different AI types, with plenty of Chess puzzles to work your way through. There’s also multiplayer available both online and split screen and according to the tweet above there are simpler modes to help you learn how to deal with the fact that Chess has time-travel now.The reactive visualization stuff seems pretty neat as well, giving you the best chance possible to track everything across all the timelines.

5DCWMTT was only released on the Steam store last week, and it’s currently enjoying a 20% discount. Considering it’s not even a tenner at full price though, this seems like a decent deal for a game of this depth. We recommend going back in time to before you even read this so that by the time you do, you’ve already bought it.



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