We'll find out more about Age of Empires 4 in November

By Joe Robinson 22 Aug 2019 0

I may be back from GamesCom, but the news is still coming through fast and thick. I was just sifting through it earlier to see if there was anything worth specifically highlight over saving for tomorrow’s round-up, but I think this might just fit the bill.

It’s officially been two years since Microsoft first announced that they were going to do a fourth entry in the iconic Age of Empires RTS series. All we got was a trailer (reposted below) and since then there’s been nothing. In fact, older Age of Empires games and even Age of Mythology has gotten more attention and love than Age of Empires 4, which is being designed by Company of Heroes legends Relic Entertainment.

During this year’s GamesCom a beacon was lit that finally gave us some hope - Xbox General Manager Aaron Greenberg told German publication GameStar that we’d finally get some real gameplay and more information on November 14th during the XO10 event in London. This date also coincides with the launch of Age of Empires 2’s ‘Definitive Edition’, which is something that I'm pretty sure no one asked for (although it does come with new gameplay content, at least).

While it’s a shame there’s nothing more than that coming out of GamesCom on Age of Empires 4, it’s good that they’ve given us something at least. Mark your calendars!



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