Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition July 2020 Update

By Joe Robinson 21 Jul 2020 0

People may be looking towards Age of Empires 3’s remake & the long-awaited Age of Empires 4, but Age of Empires 2 is still alive and kicking. The Definitive Edition has just received a big update.

The highlights include balance improvements to over 23 different maps, separate Random Map & Deathmatch map pools, a new map, and a bunch of little tweaks and stat/cost changes.

There’s a new Mongol Civ event happening, with a new competitive single-player map. The community is also able to vote on which maps they want in the two map pools.

Here's’ a video talking about the new changes:

And here’s the full summary of the update from the patch notes page:

  • Ranked Matchmaking updates! Separate Random Map & Deathmatch map pools; new ‘Preferred Map’ and ‘Prefer Random Civilization’ option in lobbies!
  • Various balance changes and bug fixes to 6 civilizations and several campaigns!
  • A long list of map improvements to over 23 maps!
  • AI Improvements!
  • Pathfinding improvements!
  • The Horde of Genghis Khan approaches during the Mongol Civ Event!
  • NEW MAP: Land Nomad!284
  • New competitive Single Player scenario!
  • New ‘player lookup’ functionality in Profile menu!

Are you still playing Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition? Let us know in the comments!



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