Age of Wonders: Planetfall's new expansion Invasions lets you play as shapeshifting space lizards

By Sean Martin 18 Apr 2020 0

Paradox has announced a new expansion for their sci-fi 4x Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Invasions will add a new race of lizard people, the Shakarn, to the game, alongside a variety of other changes. The Shakarn are a race of conquerors come to lay claim to the galaxy, ruthlessly subjugating all others to their will. 

But they also have something of the chameleon about them, as they can shape-shift, using holographic technology to disguise themselves as other races, sowing terror and confusion in their ranks. This will manifest in the game as a variety of tactical approaches, whether sabotage or trickery, all designed to divide and conquer.

Invasions will also add a new NPC race, the Therians, a caste of warriors who have achieved accelerated evolution by fusing their DNA with that of animals. Fleeing their homeworld in search of greener pastures, they will make either a powerful friend or enemy.

New world events will also be introduced to the game, over 20 different disasters which can befall you, whether solar flares, superstorms, or space pirates, adding another tactical dimension to campaign play.

On top of these changes the expansion will bring new campaign missions following the Shakarn as they begin their invasion of human planets in earnest. Conquered Worlds will also be added, a new juggernaut-style game mode where one player has a massive empire, and the other smaller players must band together to take them down.

The coolest introduction of all I think are Voidbringer Invasions, a late game event where a race of beings will invade your planets using trans-dimensional warfare, and you must choose to fight them, or to join them in servitude to the void. Invasions will release May 26th on Steam, and you can find more information on Age of Wonders: Planetfall's site.



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