AirMech Wastelands jets out of Early Access with single player campaign

By Ian Boudreau 09 Jul 2018 0

AirMech has been hanging out in Steam Early Access in several forms, a bit like its own Robotech-inspired transforming mech suits. There’s the free-to-play AirMech Strike, solely dedicated to multiplayer co-op and PvP; there’s AirMech Command, the VR-enabled version; and now there’s AirMech Wastelands, a single-player companion campaign for the multiplayer ‘main game.’

It’s a bit of an action/RTS hybrid. Players control a single airmech, which handles like a hero in an action-heavy shoot 'em up. But you’ll also gain the ability to build and control massive armies of automated robots and tanks, which become crucial in taking out fortified enemy bases.

The campaign is playable either solo or in co-op, and Wasteland uses your existing AirMech account – so whatever progress you’ve unlocked in the free-to-play multiplayer game will show up in the solo campaign.

Developer Carbon Games says Wastelands includes RPG mechanics as well, so you’ll be able to customize your pilot and AirMech as you make your way through the campaign’s missions, and develop skills and abilities.

While AirMech Wastelands is out of Early Access, Carbon Games is still considering it in beta status for now. It’s available now on Steam at 10 percent off through July 13. Fair warning – the 12 recent reviews give Wastelands a ‘mostly negative’ rating on Steam. But overall, it’s still sitting in ‘mostly positive’ territory. 



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