Asmodee Digital to show off a first-look of Scythe Digital Edition today

By Joe Robinson 06 Mar 2018 0

We’ve known for some time that the hit strategy boardgame Scythe is being brought to PC (and potentially mobile) thanks to Asmodee Digital.

The digital arm of the powerhouse physical boardgame publisher has been going from strength to strength. They recently signed deals with Nomad Games and Playdek, and generally have been making themselves a powerhouse in digital boardgaming. Now they’re ready to show their highly anticipated next project to the world.


Set In an alternate history 1920’s, Scythe is an asymmetrical strategy board game. Each player starts each game with different resources, abilities and a hidden goal. It also features a streamlined action-selection system to keep things flowing as they optimise their game engines. There’s plenty of PvP, but players can’t be eliminated.

The first footage of Scythe: Digital Edition will be shown on Asmodee’s brand new Twitch channel later today at 11am CT/ 5pm GMT.



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