Asmodee offers free Print & Play board games alongside Spring Sale

By Sean Martin 10 Apr 2020 0

Well known board game publisher and distributor, Asmodee, are offering free Print & Play board games in the hopes of helping families who are having to spend more time at home. The current list includes a selection of family friendly board games, from escape room themed game, Unlock! to the colourful card game, Dobble. But there are currently nine games overall, including the hugely successful Catan, and other fun games such as Corinth, Dixit, and Concept.

When asked about the initiative, Stephane Carville, CEO of Asmodee, said this: 

“In these difficult times due to the Covid-19 worldwide crisis, we at Asmodee are happy to offer families a way to play together from the comfort and safety of their home. We hope that these free ‘Print & Play’ games can offer some measure of relief, adventure and fun for everyone while staying safe at home.”

The games will also be available in a variety of languages, allowing families, and even groups of friends looking for a little fun, to play off against each other. 

It's a great initiative, but if you're playing alone, or if PC board games are more your speed, then Asmodee Digital are also currently running their Spring Sale.  

You can grab yourself a variety of games, from steampunk strategy Scythe, to Carcassonne: Tile and Tactics. The games on sale also encompass a fairly large range of genres, with deck builders and detective games on offer too. So if you're at a loss with what to do this weekend, perhaps it's time gather your family or house mates for a free board game night. Or if you enjoy board games, but want some time to yourself, delve into some classic digital ports.



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