Auto Chess’ PC Alpha Starts This Week

By Joe Robinson 03 Jul 2019 0

If you’ve been following the developing ‘Auto Chess’ crazy like we have, you’ll know that everything began with a plucky mod for Dota 2 called Dota Auto Chess. Developed by what is now known as Drodo Studios, this is the kind of ingenious, yet simple, creation that harks back to original ‘Defence of the Ancients’ mod for Warcraft 3 that started the MOBA genre.

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In the time since the mod has risen in popularity, Drodo have moved on to create a from-scratch version of their game free of all of the DOTA 2 assets. The easiest place to place this has so far been on iOS & Android, but at E3 Drodo announced that they would be coming back to PC (via the Epic Games Store) with a brand new version made in the Unreal Engine.

That version is days away from releasing its initial Alpha test to the world. An official tweet from Epic Games polled it’s users how excited everyone was for the initial build’s release. Given that we’ve only just found out it’s happening, I imagine ‘surprised’ is the dominant emotion right now.

You have to go to the game’s official website to sign up and reserve yourself a spot. It appears there will be no limit to the amount of people Drodo will let into the test, but we’re not sure what will happen when the game transitions into open beta. It’s a free game, so we doubt you’ll lose access, but things like progress, experience etc… may get reset.

This latest incarnation has a lot more competition to face off against now, what with Valve and even Riot Games getting in on the action with their own Auto Chess-like offerings.



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