Battle Brothers Getting Largest DLC to Date This Year

By Joe Robinson 21 Jan 2020 0

I keep mentioning this, but I remember when the developers of Battle Brothers said they weren’t going to be working on the game anymore… and then Warriors of North (and potentially other DLCs, can’t remember the timeline) happened, and now here we are on the cusp of another big expansion.

Last Friday (after our weekly updates, typical) Overhype announced they were working on a new expansion for their gritty, medieval, slightly depressing turn-based tactical game. Blazing Sands, much like Warriors of the North before it, wants to expand the lore and scope of the world by adding in new southern regions consisting of deserts and jungle biomes, presumably to model the Middle East and beyond.

battle brothers blazing sands

There'll be plenty of lore, new factions with unique political systems, as well as countless items and equipment. Everything will be loosely inspired by Arabian and Persian cultures, and the new in-game areas will feature ruins from an ‘ancient’ civilisation that predate the peoples of Battle Brothers’ timeline.

Taken from the press release, here’s a rough feature list they’re aiming for:

  • A realm of independent southern city-states with their own lore, equipment and services, as well as entirely new character backgrounds to recruit
  • A new late game crisis that tests the mettle of your company in the fires of religious turmoil
  • A gallery of company feats that grant permanent boons with which to customize your company to your playstyle as you progress throughout your campaign
  • A variety of new opponents with their own fighting styles – from exotic beasts to desert raiders and southern armies quite unlike those in the north
  • New environments both on the world map and in tactical combat
  • Several new origins to pick for your company for a different campaign experience
  • New banners, weapons, armors and helmets inspired by historic Arabian and Persian cultures of the medieval ages
  • New legendary locations and legendary rewards
  • New contracts and events
  • New crafting recipes for owners of the ‘Beasts & Exploration’ DLC
  • Several new music tracks by Breakdown Epiphanies to accompany you on your travels south

The dev studio is aiming for a Q2 2020 release date, and a free update will be released alongside that will mainly focus on fixes, tweaks and QoL changes, although there will be some content additions in there as well.

We rather liked Warriors of the North, their previous big expansion, even though it ultimately didn’t change much about the core gameplay loop. Will be interesting to see what new avenues this latest expansion opens up.




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