Relive the TV Show (ish) in Battlestar Galactica Deadlocks new expansion

By Joe Robinson 11 Oct 2018 0

Slitherine have just announced a new expansion for their WEGO space-strategy game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Called Anabasis, this new pack adds in new maps, new munition types, but more importantly a new ‘survival’ mode.

Survival, also known as ‘Operation Anabasis’, puts you in charge of a single fleet of cylon and civilian vessels which you must escort back to Caprica while fending off waves of cylon attackers. As the official blurb states:

Your resources are limited, but you may  be afforded the option to repair your ships and salvage resources after every jump. Each playthrough will be unique and completely randomised: you can choose the location of your next jump, and every location will have a different set of potential bonuses and penalties. You can customise your fleet, but remember: to flee is to survive, and time is against you. The Cylons will keep coming. Can you make it back home? How many will you save?

We’re glad to see Black Labs and Slitherine are not just pumping additional content into the solo campaign (even though it’s pretty good) – these kind of creative additions can really help the tactical systems shine, and we’re eager to see how well the persistent elements function outside of a campaign context.

While it’s not quite the great exodus that’s the focus of the TV show, you can clearly tell Anabasis has been designed as a homage to those events. There will be 11 new maps in total, some of which have been created to give some vastly different environments – like the orbit of Caprica, or a gas nebula, and these will feature in both survival and other modes as well.

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The single-player campaign is also getting some love – players will be able to engage in 12 new ‘resource’ missions that randomly spawn during a play-through.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Anabasis is due out on October 18th, according to the Steam page.



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