Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Is getting a new expansion next month

By Joe Robinson 28 Feb 2019 0

One of our favourite space strategy games, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, is getting a new expansion next month! Titled Sin and Sacrifice, it comes with new story missions and new ships, and will launch alongside a free content update.

A new 11 Mission arc set after the events of the main campaign and Anabasis will add additional lore to the re-imagined BSG universe and the First Cylon War. In addition, each faction gets a new ship:

  • The Heracles-class is a a new Colonial heavy warship that focuses on raw strength. It’s heavily armoured and has plenty of point-defence to ward off enemy Raiders.
  • The Cylons get the Gorgon, a support carrier that features advanced squadron repair and support functions, so if you like fighter tactics especially this could prove to be a good addition to your strike force.

Finally, the DLC comes with a ‘radio chatter’ voice pack that features over 1,100 unique recordings that trigger in combat and in cinematic replays, add more drama, tension and immersion to the game world.

The free ‘Veterancy’ update will launch at the same time, and include a new crew veterancy system, a new Ship Inspector tool and more unannounced features.

BSG Deadlock Sin and Sacrifice will launch on PC and console on March 19th, 2019.



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