Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Targets With Maximum Firepower in New Update

By Joe Robinson 06 Dec 2017 0

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is getting its biggest update to-date today in the “Firepower” patch, which brings a mammoth amount of changes and fixes alongside the game’s first DLC release.


The new patch has a couple of headline changes which we can breakdown for you:

Emergency Jump: During Skirmish or Resource missions in the campaign, your fleet can do an emergency escape via FTL during a battle. This ability costs Tylium and also takes a few turns to cycle through, but it’s useful if you find yourself out-matched in non-essential fights.

Skirmish Mode: There are two key changes to Skirmish Mode: first up, player created Colonial Fleets can now be fought against in practice battles, as the AI is now able to make full use of their tactics & abilities. They’ve also added new objectives to Skirmish battles – Defend Civilians and Destroy Facility.

Squadron Groups: You can now link several squadrons together in a group which allows you to give mass/coordinated orders. During my review, once my squadrons had taken out Cylon fighters I’d essentially have them all just focus fire on one ship at a time, so this “Order All” function is a welcome addition.

Strategic Adviser: In the campaign strategic layer, the Economy Panel has been completely reworked and renamed. This screen now includes economic data, Quorum status, Colonial fleet priority, bonus information and a few other bits and pieces for a consolidated info screen.


Quality of Life is a theme that permeates the entire update – Blueprints have been made cheaper, the gamepad interface has been improved (no doubt for the game’s console release), and even modified the Squadron AI when it comes to attacking ships that possess the ‘Flak’ ability.

You can up on the rest of the fixes in the full patch notes available here.

The Reinforcement Pack has also been released, and you can read what we’ve already said about it here.

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