Battlestar Galactica Deadlock to get new missions, ships & features in next expansion

By Joe Robinson 11 May 2018 0

Slitherine have revealed details regarding the new premium expansion coming to turn-based space strategy game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

The Broken Alliance adds 8 new main campaign missions that form a connected sub-plot to the main story which explores the intricate maze of Colonial politics.

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BSG Deadlock DLC2001

In addition to this, four new capital ships and two new squadron types (2 ships, one squadron per side) will be added to the roster:


Minerva-class Battlestar – The precursor of the Mercury-class Battlestar, the Minerva is a new addition to Colonial Fleet that concentrates artillery, firepower and life support into a compact hull. Although it has less staying power than other battlestar classes, the Minerva’s versatile gun placements and expanded missile capabilities have provided it with a reputation as a devastating capital destroyer.

Celestra-class resupply ship - The Celestra class is a Colonial research ship that uses a suite of drones to apply ablative armour plating to friendly units. A resupply depot has been retrofitted into the hangar, allowing Raptor crews to make supply runs mid-mission to fleet cruisers and battlestars.

Assault Raptors – Assault Raptors are an aggressive variant of the trusted Colonial utility vehicle. The external rocket pods on these ships are capable of significant anti-capital support, and the crews are trained in live combat support, at the expense of their usual ECM suites.


Argos-class Basestar - As Colonials continue to push fighter space supremacy as a force in the war, the Cylons continue to reply with their intent to overwhelm with numbers. Larger than the Cerberus and Basestar Mk I, the Argos contains an overwhelming array of hangars and missile tubes but hosts little in the way of self-defence.

Hydra-class resupply ship - The Hydra is a Cylon resupply ship equipped with repair drones that are launched and attached to friendly units. Despite having no armaments of its own, the Hydra has a complex Fire Control system that is heavily integrated with its Tech Bay. This system allows it to coordinate missile strikes with nearby friendly units, significantly increasing the efficiency of the Cylon’s deadly missile tactics.

Scorpion Sentry – The Scorpion is a defensive sentry drone with high calibre guns and pin-point accurate anti-missile capabilities. Although they excel at area control, they are unable to operate until they have been stabilized after moving.

What’s interesting here is the addition of the resupply ships. Support vessels have never really been a big thing in Deadlock until now. While each ship has had a function, it’s all been to two with combat tactics. Adding in a dedicated ship-class that can heal, buff etc… could improve the staying power of vulnerable vessels and open up more tank-like formations. We’ll definitely be exploring how this expansion changes the tactical landscape.

BSG Deadlock DLC2004

We’ve previously reported on how other gameplay improvements are coming to the game, such as persistent & visual damage – everything connected to that will also be coming in this expansion.

To celebrate the announcement Slitherine streamed about an hour’s worth of Broken Alliance gameplay via their official channel, which you can see below. The action starts around the 15-minute mark.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance is due to release on PC, PS4 & Xbox One in Q2 2018… which I think is around now? Quarters are weird.



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