Scars of War: Battlestar Galactica Deadlock's Upcoming Persistence Changes

By Joe Robinson 03 Apr 2018 0

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, in case you’ve forgotten, is THE best Battlestar Galactica game on the market. It’s also a pretty awesome turn-based tactical space combat game in its own right, offering a great simulation on warfare in space.

The dev team have been hard at work on trying to improve the game since it launched to address the important bits of feedback. They’ve already released the Reinforcements Pack, which added a couple of new ships, as well as a free update that gave some much needed quality of life improvements to the single-player campaign.

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Their next update will be targeting the single-player mode from another angle – persistence.

The re-imagined TV show of BSG was quite good at following the slow and steady degradation of the Galactica over time – mainly from battle damage that couldn’t easily be repaired. This served as a contrast to shows like Star Trek, where apart from specially crafted story arks there’s no concept of long-term damage. That warp reactor that blows up in one episode is usually back in place as if nothing had happened the next.

BSG Deadlock is adding two cool features that will be able to capture the spirit of the TV show, as well as bring the game in line with other great tactical strategy games that see the players use the same force pool all the time.


First up, the damage your ships take will be much more visible thanks to damage visualisation. As ships take damage through the course of a battle, the hull is meant to degrade and show damage as part of ‘wear and tear’.

This will feed into a campaign-wide system of persistent damage for capital class vessels. It’ll be optional, something you decide before you start a new campaign, but if selected damage your big ships take won’t be auto-repaired between fights.

This recent dev diary explains how this damage management adds a new layer to the game’s campaign:

Damage received by a unit will be repairable from the War Room with the new Repair Ship UI (under construction). Armour and hull are repaired by spending tylium. With this UI, you can choose which sectors to strategically repair if your coffers are a little low due to a less-than accommodating Quorum.

The cost of repairing a unit will vary depending on the fleet’s location. If the fleet is in proximity of the Daidalos station, it will have full access to the engineering crews and docks and repair costs will be minimal. Alternately, if the unit is part of an expeditionary force holding down one of Helena’s starlane locations, the repair bill will be higher due to the scarcity of resources and labourers.

Additionally, units assigned to Daidalos Fleet Group will receive an amount of repairs automatically for free. This adds a new strategic consideration about whether to keep Daidalos safe at Ragnar, or out on the front line amongst the colonies.

Another feature of this UI is the ability to adjust your munition and squadron slot loadouts from the War Room. This means you will no longer have to wait for the FTL Insertion screen before outfitting your fleets with your newly acquired MkIIs or nukes. Note: the resupply cost for the new loadout is still deducted at the start of a new mission.

In addition, ships will also be given historical data as to how they’ve performed in a campaign – what missions they fought in, how many kills and so on. Deadlock is a suburb game, although not without its faults (some that will be easier to fix than others), but little things like this never fail to make the experience that much more enjoyable. There’s currently no information as to when the next update will be released.

Battlestar Galactia Deadlock is available for PC (Steam and Direct), PlayStation 4. and Xbox One.



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