BATTLETECH gets its first big update with plenty of quality of life improvements

By Joe Robinson 25 Jun 2018 0

Harebrained Schemes have been hard at work improving on BATTLETECH, their excellent turn-based strategy game based on the table-top game of the same name.

Version 1.1 was released last week after spending some time in beta, and it comes with a whole swathe of changes, the majority of which are quality of life.

BATTLETECH is an amazing turn-based strategy game. You should check out these others.

  • Mech Warrior Customization: As long as a character isn’t considered ‘Ronin’ (like the first four pilots), you customize everything form their callsign and name, to their appearance and voice.
  • Granular Difficulty Settings: There’s now a wide-variety of difficulty settings you can toggle to tailor your game experience. Major ones include progression, how lethal you want combat to be and increasing or decreasing enemy force strength.
  • There’s also custom campaign settings, which include options like ‘Ironman’ (nobody tell Kendal), and requiring more Mech parts to assemble a brand new chassis.

Other much need QoL improvements include the ability to accelerate all combat actions, as well as a general optimisation of the pacing of combat. You can cancel combat actions by right clicking. There have also been a lot of UI tweaks and new shortcuts added to the MechLab, so you can navigate and interact with it easier.

And these are just the new additions to the game – the update also comes with a list of performance tweaks, balancing and bugfixes. The King Crab has opened its claw.

Check out the full patch notes here and be sure to take note of the known issues, especially one that could pop-up after you update. Afterwards, you may want to check out our handy guides for building your lance, or managing the campaign layer.



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