Battletech will drop in April and is available to pre-order now

By Joe Robinson 28 Feb 2018 0

Harebrained Schemes’ BATTLETECH, the much-hyped turn-based tactical mech combat game based on the original table-top wargame, finally has a new release window.


Originally due to ship before the end of 2017, it was delayed last August and pushed back to this year. While we don’t know the exact date, we now know which month it’ll drop, at least. Unless there’s going to be some mad dash to get the game out before various financial years end, we’re going to hazard a guess it won’t be right at the start of the month.


Pre-orders are now available via Steam and Paradox’s own store (which now sells games independent of Steam, in case you were wondering). There's currently two versions on offer; the base game for £34.99 / $39.99 and then the Deluxe Edition which comes with an Artbook, Wallpapers, Soundtrack and other goodies to boot. You can get that one for £41.99.

If you’re worried you may not be the MechWarrior you once were, you can brush up with this Combat Basics video:

We haven’t taken BATTLETECH for a spin since our hands-on session last year, but we’re very excited to start playing this more and more in the run up to release.



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