Battlezone: Combat Commander Releases March 1st

By Joe Robinson 05 Feb 2018 0

Like many games released in that twilight era before the internet age, Battlezone II: Combat Commander was a little ahead of its time. An FPS/RTS hybrid, it was the sequel to Pandemic/Activision’s Battlezone game, and initially everyone was quite enthusiastic about it.

But with out-of-the-box bugs and a multiplayer that didn’t actually work until version 1.1, it received a lot of negative press at the time.

Now, on March 1st, it’s due to come back simply as Battlezone: Combat Commander, thanks to the folks at Rebellion. They’ve already successfully remade the first game as Battlezone 98 Redux, so we expect this newest remake will get the attention it deserves.

Included in the range of enhancements, BZCC will get:

  • Enhanced Visuals
  • Mod support for the game's two-decade old modding scene
  • Cross-play online multiplayer between GOG & Steam for up to 14 players
  • Achievements
  • Cloud Saves for the Steam version

What do you think of hybrid games that try to blend strategy with another genre? Let us know in the comments!




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