Chilled civilization-builder Before We Leave Is Out Now

By Sean Martin 11 May 2020 0

Update: Before We Leave is out now on the Epic Games Store for $19.99.

Original Story: One of the most anticipated indie games of 2020, Before We Leave, will launch on the Epic Games Store on May 8th. Though it dropped off the map for a little while, we're very happy to see this indie take on civ-building return.

In the game, you will take charge reconstructing civilisations that were destroyed by a series of post-apocalyptic natural disasters, at first on your own planet, and then on others, as you work to spread the light of civilisation across the galaxy.

Before We Leave is a relaxing, non-violent take on the civ-building game, with no combat or competition against opponents vying for resources. The threats you face are a little more large-scale, such as the ancient world guardians, who will impose challenges on your civilisation, and the natural disasters which caused the apocalypse in the first place. Oh, and also the space whales.

Did we forget to mention there are space whales? While swimming across the galaxy, these gigantic creatures graze on planets, so you've got to be ready to fend them off if you want to avoid ending up in an oversized gullet.

Similar to Civilization, you will begin the game by emerging from caves, ready to build and discover. Also just like the ruins in that game, the key to really thriving and accelerating your growth will be finding ancient technologies. This will allow you to build and create a series of interplanetary civilisations. 

Before We Leave is the debut release of New Zealand based studio, Balancing Monkey Games. If you like what you see, and feel like building a society while fending off massive space whales, you can find Before We Leave on the Epic Games Store, where it will become available on May 8th.



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