Petroglyph to head up Command & Conquer Remasters

By Joe Robinson 16 Nov 2018 1

EA recently let the world know it’s working on remasters for the classic Command & Conquer franchise which, given the current mood, is probably a safer bet than trying to do a brand-new game. We all remember how Command & Conquer 4 turned out, amirite?

This week Jim Vessella, EA’s main Producer for the franchise, released another update on Reddit announcing a partnership with indie studio Petroglyph to work on the remasters, specifically, Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Petroglyph are a company that’s had mixed fortunes – they created the rather excellent Star Wars: Empire at War & Universe at War games but have also created not-so-great titles such as Grey Goo. Until recently, the main project they were working on was an ‘old-school’ RTS called Forged Battalion, which left Early Access back in August.

Considering this is a company founded by ex-Westwood developers however, the development of the C&C Remasters is off to a good start at least. They’ve also brought back the original sound designer Frank Klepacki.

Along with the base games, the expansions that were released for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert will also be remastered and bundled with the new releases.



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