Check yourself before you Mech yourself – BattleTech drops April 24th

By Joe Robinson 28 Mar 2018 0

Typically, this news would drop when we’re out of the office and unable to get excited about it.

Paradox Interactive have finally announced the release date for their tactical mech combat game, BattleTech. Developed by Harebrained schemes (with BattleTech’s founding father, Jordan Weisman), this game sees the classic table-top experience come to digital in its original form for the first time in over 20 years.

It was initially supposed to launch towards the end of last year, but was delayed into 2018.

There’s been a lot of words written about the tactical combat in BattleTech, but it’s easy to forget that this game will be shipping with a fully fleshed out RPG/Strategy layer as well. You’re in charge of a whole Lance of Mechwarrior’s in a mercenary outfit. You need to keep them happy, keep them sharp, and keep the mechs running. To mark the occasion (and to get you hyped for the campaign), there’s a new trailer out that looks exclusively at the story.

BattleTech will be available on PC via Steam, and via Paradox Plaza in a Steam-free version on April 24th, 2018. It will retail for £34.99/$39.99.



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