Civilization 6 August 2020 Patch Out Now

By Joe Robinson 27 Aug 2020 0

The August 2020 update for Civilization VI is now live. You can read the full August 2020 patch notes here, but a summary of what's expected can be read below in the original copy we published last week. Enjoy!

Original Story: Firaxis are back with another developer update looking at some of the free patch content coming next week on August 27th, 2020. The ‘August 2020’ update follows hot on the heels of the Ethiopia Pack which was released a couple of weeks ago. This is the second free patch to release since the start of the New Frontier DLC program that launched earlier in the year.

The focus of the update will involves things like better control of Wonders, a new game mode where the tech and civic tree is ‘shuffled’ as as other tweaks. The Wonder Picker allows players to control specifically which wonders do and don’t appear in the game, although the placement of those Wonders will still be random. The new game mode is more of an experiment, and will hide the unlock date of new techs/civics, as well as randomise things like research costs. The only thing that won’t change is major prerequisites, like Mining unlocking more mining techs.

There will also be some additional balance changes, but the full patch-notes won't be available next week until the update goes live, so we’ll update this story when we have more information.

In the meantime, you can watch the full video here:

The next New Frontier Pass pack is due in September, and we imagine another free patch will follow the following month.



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