Civilization VI now has a Battle Royale mode

By Ian Boudreau 01 Sep 2019 0

File this under news I never imagined I would be filing: Sid Meier's Civilization VI now has a battle royale mode. It's called The Red Death, and it looks absolutely mad. As ever with battle royale, the goal is to be the last player standing - and while that's always sort of been the case in Civilization, The Red Death looks quite a bit different.

For one thing, there's the trademark ring of death that contracts around the play space. This is the eponymous Red Death, and it damages units that find themselves caught in it. That damage ramps up as the game progresses, and units in the Red Death cannot heal.

While you start with a civilian unit, you can add to your army by clearing out Raider camps and city ruins and finding supply drops. These are where you'll find tanks, helicopters, machine gunners, AT crews, and sometimes thermonuclear devices.

Here's a trailer that (sort of) explains what's going on:

So yeah, the trailer isn't particularly helpful. It's mostly excited shouting, but you do get a bit of a sense of the factions involved, and for the new post-apocalyptic theme. Just be the last one standing and catch the final space ship off planet. Where's it going? Presumably to Civilization: Beyond Earth.

The Red Death multiplayer scenario is part of the September 2019 Civilization VI update and is available now on all platforms.



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