Civilization 6 is free from the Epic Games Store with half price DLC upgrade

By Joe Robinson 21 May 2020 0

Well, that happened. It’s pretty obvious at the moment that Epic Games are serious about becoming a competitor to Steam. Thanks to all of that Fortnite money they can afford to be, but they’re taking a multi-angled approach. One way is targeting Devs by giving them favourable publishing and/or engine license terms.

Another is by giving away free games every week, much like how Sony and Microsoft do with the PS Plus/Games with Gold programs on console. I’ve grabbed one or two of them myself, but I wasn’t expecting the latest free offering that's just gone live.

Civilization 6 is free to grab from the Epic Games Store.

The promotions will last from today right through to 4PM BST on May 28th, so you’ve got a week to sign-up and grab it. From now until June 11th, you can also purchase the ‘Platinum Edition’ upgrade for half price (£33.49/$39.99) which includes six minor DLCs and the two major expansions released to date. Check out our Civilization 6 DLC guide for more information on these.

civ 6 dlc new frontier pass

I expect to see more things like this happen over the course of 2020. The EGS has already nabbed Early Access exclusives such as Industries of Titan, Old World and Surviving: The Aftermath, not to mention other timed exclusive launches such as Phoenix Point.

This comes on the same day the first of the new DLCS drop for the game, the Maya & Gran Colombia Civilization Pack. It’s part of the ‘New Frontier’ pass that promises a pack every two months for the next year, which will add new Civs, games modes and other content.

The ‘New Frontier Pass’ is also available via the Epic Games Store.



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