Civilization 6: Gathering Storm Expansion Coming February

By Joe Robinson 21 Nov 2018 0

Last night Firaxis announced a new expansion for their 4X grand-strategy game Civilization VI.

Gathering Storm, which was previously thought to be called 'Vesuvius', will allegedly be the “largest expansion every produced for the series,” as it comes with a lot of content, even compared to Rise & Fall:

  • Nine new civs
  • Eight new leaders
  • Fifteen global units
  • Nine new buildings
  • Five districts
  • Two new city sets
  • Nine new techs
  • Ten new civics
  • Seven new world wonders and seven new natural wonders

There’s also new scenarios, two of which we know cover the Black Death, and WW1 respectively.

Civilization VI Gathering Storms 3

There’s a lot of new stuff coming in this expansion, but the main focus looks to be climate change, the effect your actions can have on the weather. Firaxis have avoided taking a hard-line on this – there is no “right or wrong” here, but actions in the game can have environmental consequences that you can either try to exploit or protect against.

We recommend reading this excellent preview over at PCGamesN, which breaks down a lot of the new features and gameplay options.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is due to release on February 14th, 2019.



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