Civilization 6 September Update - Red Death Battle Royale, New Maps & More!

By Joe Robinson 18 Sep 2019 0

The Civ 6 September update is now live, and we now know what the new multiplayer mode is all about. It's er... Battle Royale? I was on holiday when the news broke so I ended up having to sit down. On the one hand - No. But on the other... sure? I mean there's not a lot of room for experimentation in a game lik Civ when said game is already out, but out of all the areas I feel the tactical layer is probably the most ignored. I mean it's there, and you use it to conquer the world, but not much is really done with it.

Until now, that is. Civilization 6's new 'Red Death' multiplayer mode essentially gives you some 'civilian' and military units. When you've lost your last civilian unit, you're eliminated, but you can find more of both by raiding locations dotted about the map. The so-called 'Red Death' is an environmental hazard that starts at the edge of the map and works its way inward in true BR style, giving you an ever-smaller area with which to move around in. Oceans are also toxic, so be careful when crossing.

I think we're definitely going to have to get someone on this to find out more.

As far as the rest of the Spetember update goes, the full patch notes list out all of the various changes, tweaks and bug-fixes. Nothing new to report there in terms of the headline features detailed below, but now you get a more granular impression of what's been fixed. Most of the changes target Gathering Storm users but a fair amount of blanacing has been done for all versions of the game, which is nice.

Original Story: Firaxis have shared details as to what’s coming in the planned September update for Civilization VI. Along with balance changes and tweaks, players can look forward to new maps, coastal city buffs and a new multiplayer mode.

Here's the video, it’s 5 minutes 30 seconds long but the actual information segment only goes on for about 3 minutes. After that it’s just a summary of the changes:

This isn’t everything coming in the September update either. For starters, we haven’t been given any concrete information as to what the new multiplayer mode will entail, only that it will be “an exciting new multiplayer game mode that’s unlike anything we’ve done before.”

The new maps will all be accessible through the new map interface when setting up a game. Highlights include Terra, which features a ‘New World’ type continent filled with riches, barbarians and mysteries that the other played nations will need to explore. Primordial throws all the more extreme terrain types together into a mish-mash that will probably prove to be an incredible challenge to survive. There’s also some new ‘Mirror Maps’ which are designed for multiplayer play - the basic premise is that the four map quadrants ‘mirror’ each other to provide more balanced starting conditions.

With regards to the improvements to Coastal Cities, many Great Admirals have received extra bonuses and abilities, and several buildings have been reworked so that they grant buffs to coastal tiles.

These were the main headline features of the September update, although as mentioned there’s still more to come. Firaxis did take a moment to mention that they’re hard at work trying to get the Gathering Storm expansion onto iOS, as well as both expansions to date onto Nintendo Switch by the end of the year.

We’ll bring you more news regarding Civilization 6’s September update as we get it.



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