Spring is Coming: Civilization VI’s Next Update Drops Tomorrow

By Joe Robinson 10 May 2018 0

The Spring update for Civilization VI is dropping tomorrow, and it comes with a whole host of changes that looks at everything from balancing, to joint wars and beyond.

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Everything is laid out in full on the official dev blog, but we’ll break down some choice bits for you right now. In terms of new additions:

Joint Wars/Third Party War Update:

  • Players can now ask other players or AI to join wars they are already in.
  • Trade screen allows Casus Belli to be chosen when declaring a Joint War.
  • Joint War now requires one party to have denounced the enemy for 5 turns.
  • Leader screen makes it clear that war declaration is part of a joint war.

Adding 12 new Historic Moments, focused on mid to late game:

  • [See full list in blog post]

Game Summary Screen:

  • Added 3 new graphs for Rise and Fall games; Era Score, Total Governors, and Total Governor Titles.

The monuments that allow for extra Era score will be helpful to boosting the mid game onwards, but it’s the Joint Wars update that’s the best news of the bunch. The current process, while functional, lacks a certain degree of finesse. Being able to make an existing war a 'Joint War' is a major boon, especially if you realise you've bitten off more than you can chew.

While the new content is modest, the balance changes that are coming with the update are more encompassing. Three government types from Rise & Fall and one Government type from the base game have been tweaked, along with some policy re-balances.

Several Civs have also been boosted or nerfed:

Civ Balance:

  • Victoria’s Pax Britannica ability now additionally awards a free melee class unit when constructing a Royal Navy Dockyard in a city founded on a foreign continent.
  • Lautaro's unique ability Swift Hawk has been updated to have an additional effect: Pillaging an enemy city plot now causes that city to lose 5 loyalty
  • Rebalancing Seondeok's Hwarang ability. Governors established in a city provide +3% Culture and Science for each Promotion they have earned, including their first (was +10% Culture and Science for any Governor regardless of Promotions).
  • Norwegian Berserker - Production cost reduced from 180 to 160. Combat Strength buff when attacking increased from +7 to +10. Combat Strength de-buff when defending reduced from -7 to -5.
  • Japanese Samurai – Production cost reduced from 180 to 160. Combat Strength increased from 45 to 48.
  • Georgian Khevsur – Production cost reduced from 180 to 160. Combat Strength increased from 40 to 45.

The previously talked about changes to Religion and how it can affect the loyalty of a city are also there ‘Miscellaneous’. AS with all updates, there’s the usual endless list of bug-fixes, text tweaks and changes covering Multiplayer, UI and AI.



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