Civilization VI comes to Android

By Marcello Perricone 14 Aug 2020 0

2 years after the release of Civilization VI on Apple devices, the Firaxis strategy game is now available on Android.

While free to download, the game actually charges you $20 after 60 turns of gameplay to continue playing, at which point you're free to keep and play the game forever. If spending 20 bucks is not enough money for you, you can also acquire the individual expansions Rise and Fall for $30 and Gathering Storm for $40, bringing the total buy-in value of this mobile port to a staggering $90.

If shelling $90 dollars for a game that probably won't be playable in a couple of years when Android and Play Store upgrades happen still isn't enough, you can spend upwards of 120 bucks by buying the various miscellaneous scenario packs, which range from $5 to $9.

The game was ported by Aspyr -- the same people behind the iOS version -- and the actual touch gameplay was surprisingly fine for such a complex and click-heavy game. However, the title is locked to 30 fps with no in-game graphic options -- we gave the game a shot and performance seemed to hold stable enough in a Galaxy Note 10+ and a Samsung S3 Tablet, but reports from elsewhere on the interwebs indicate most devices are having issue going above 22fps once a few turns have been clocked in. 

Civilization VI is the sixth entry on Sid Meier's historic 4X franchise, but it has so far failed to surpass the acclaim of its predecessor. The game is considerably better with both if its expansions installed -- as said in our reviews here and here -- but it's really hard to recommend anyone to spend $90 (especially on a mobile game) so make up your mind if it's worth it or not.



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