Civilization VI June 2020 Patch Notes

By Marcello Perricone 27 Jun 2020 1

Civilization VI is going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. The historic (and historically sober) strategy franchise has always been the go-to grounds for taking a real-life culture and putting it through an anachronistic grinder. From a XXI century Roman Empire to a pre-historic United States eternally led by Teddy Roosevelt (I wish), Civilization has always been based on history.

Not any more. Ever since it went battle royale, Civ VI decided to accept the moniker of "less good than Civ V" and stopped competing, instead going for new grounds. The latest update marks the beginning of the Red Death mode's Season 2, and with it, it brings a number of new playable factions -- including aliens and zombies -- and a bunch of changes to already established civs in the main game.

One interesting little Easter Egg is that the alien factions include a Thin Men unit complete with Sectoids from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but before you ask, the aliens' addition shamefully didn't bring along the XCOM Squad units that Civ V had. I know, boo.

Please note the below is not exhaustive, and we recommend checking out the official website for the full patch notes.

Sid Meyer's Civilization VI June 2020 (Red Death Season 2) Features

  • Sean Bean now narrates/comments on the Red Death mode. This officially qualifies as the longest role he ever played without dying (that's a joke).
  • New Playable Factions - Every faction, both old and new, has been outfitted with a unique ability.
  • Aliens – They’ve always been here… watching from the shadows - The Alien faction specializes in camouflage technology allowing them to turn invisible and ambush their enemies or escape dangerous situations. They also have health regeneration upping their survivability in any given skirmish.
    • Zombies – Civilization’s undead rise for humanity’s final moments - The Zombie faction replaces all combat units with Zombie Hordes. These units can’t heal normally and take damage over time. Zombie Hordes instead will heal and gain additional Zombie units when an enemy unit is defeated or by exploring City Ruins, Raider Camps, and Supply Drops.
  • Faction Unique Abilities - Every faction, both old and new, has been outfitted with a unique ability.
    • Aliens – Xenological Camouflage: All units can use Xenological Camouflage to become invisible to most units. Adjacent enemy units can see Camouflaged units. Initiating an attack deactivates Camouflage.
    • Cultists – The Undying Eye: Cultists start the game with a crippled GDR. The GDR starts damaged and does not heal or gain experience normally. The GDR instead earns promotions when units sacrifice themselves to it. These promotions can then be used to return the GDR to full operation status.
    • Borderlords – Grieving Gift: Deploy a fake supply drop to a given location on the next turn. If another player pops the supply drop, it triggers an explosion at that location.
    • Jocks – Hail Mary: Small tactical nuke that can be launched from any combat unit. Has a smaller blast radius of 1 hex.
    • Mutants – Radiant Personalities: Mutants that start their turn in the Red Death absorb 8 Radiation Charges per turn. They spread Red Death to non-Red Death hexes automatically for 1 Radiation Charge per hex. Mutant units do not take fallout damage from mutant spread Red Death.
    • Preppers – Improvised Traps: Units can build the Improvised Trap that causes damage and the loss of a movement point to any unit that moves onto it. Preppers get 5 Improvised Traps per visit to an unexplored City Ruins, Raider Camp, and Supply Crate. Improvised Traps are invisible to non-Prepper factions.
    • Pirates – Buried Treasure: Pirates start the game with a Treasure Map to a buried treasure location indicated on their minimap. When a pirate unit of that player reaches the treasure location, the pirate is granted a unit and a new treasure map.
    • Mad Scientists – Defensive Inertial Shielding: All units can deploy shielding that provides a +10 combat strength while defending. While shielded, the unit has immunity to WMD Blast, Red Death, and Water Poisoning Damage.
    • Wanderers – Road Vision: Grants active visibility on all previously revealed terrain.
    • Zombies - Barely Weaponized Zombies (Passive): Killing a non-zombie enemy unit creates more Zombie Hordes. Zombie Hordes do not suffer combat penalties when damaged. City Ruins, Raider Camps, and Supply Drops grant additional Zombie Hordes instead of traditional units.
  • Observer Mode – Upon defeat, players can now activate Observer Mode to watch the remainder of the match. Chat from players using Observer Mode will be hidden to remaining players.
  • Kick Voting – Players now have the option to boot uncivilized players from their multiplayer games. A vote can be initiated through the in-game chat panel.
  • Play-By-Cloud functionality restored for all players.
  • You can now resize the diplomacy screen manually, and you can change UI text size in the options.
  • Multiples nerfs have been added to encourage diplomatic playthroughs instead of conquering everyone.

The above doesn't include a list of changes to the main game and balance passes on several Natural Wonders added by Gathering Storm, nor the "various crash and performance improvements implemented" nor the "additional general bug fixes and polish" (because Firaxis/2K themselves didn't specified them).

Civilization VI's June 2020 Update is now out on Steam.



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