Command & Conquer Remastered Team Discuss Multiplayer as Project Reaches New Milestone

By Joe Robinson 10 Feb 2020 0

So I think we can all agree that the Warcraft 3 remaster/remake probably isn’t going as well as everyone hoped/thought it would. These things do happen, sadly, but luckily for you this wasn’t the only exciting remake on the cards for 2020.

In case you’ve forgotten, Petroglyph & EA are working on proper HD remasters for both Command & Conquer and C&C: Red Alert, with the former getting the most attention at the moment (we suspect). We’re a little bit embarrassed we didn’t spot this when it was originally posted, but EA’s producer on the project Jim Vessella posted an update last week letting everyone know how things are getting on.

command and conquer remaster multiplayer

Tl;dr - the project has reached an important Alpha milestone, and then more details on multiplayer features. 

First up - the milestone. Command & Conquer Remastered has hit what he describes as the ‘Content Alpha’ milestone. I’ll let his words elaborate on what that means: means there are no longer any legacy / placeholder pieces of content in the game. Every frame of animation, every tile of terrain, every second of audio, and every piece of UI has received a remastered pass. This allows us to play both games in a completely remastered fashion, and identify areas we’d like to continue polishing based on feedback from the team, colleagues, and the community.

Sounds very promising, although I suspect only someone with more knowledge of game development than me would be able to give any credible insights as to how much more is left to do. Next up, he goes into great detail about multiplayer:

At a high level, Multiplayer has effectively been rebuilt for the Remaster. Starting with the backend, Multiplayer now runs on dedicated servers based on Petroglyph’s architecture, with a goal of providing reliable connections and prevent misbehavior.

The post goes on to explain a bit more about specific features, but here’s a list summary of what’s confirmed so far:

  • Host and Join Custom MP Games
  • Game/Server Rules, including Visceroids
  • Game Lobby chat
  • Competitive Quick Match 1v1, with Elo-based matchmaking algorithm
  • In-game Leaderboards
  • Game Replays
  • Real-Time Observer Mode (with a time-delay)

There have been other features requested by the community as well, and the team will be evaluating these as they go to see what else they can squeeze in.

This year marks the 25th year anniversary of the original Command & Conquer’s release. While the team hasn't formally committed to releasing this year, Jim did say, “We expect this to be an exciting year for C&C, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this anniversary with all of you.”

Are you excited for the C&C Remasters? Let us know in the comments!



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