Did you get Crusader Kings 2 for free last week? Well now all the DLC is on sale

By Joe Robinson 13 Apr 2018 0

If you’re one of the lucky people who picked up Crusader Kings 2 for free last week, you might be wondering what to do next. Perhaps you’ve been playing it this past week, trying out this ruler or what rule… perhaps you’re thinking you may want to pick up a DLC or two. It’s not an easy prospect to consider.

In the six years since launch, over $250 worth of DLC has bee released for the legendary medieval murder simulator. Luckily for you, we have a two-step solution for you:

Step 1: Check out our DLC buying guide to figure out what you may want to get to enhance your experience.

Step 2: Head on over to the Paradox Plaza – Paradox’s own online store where they sell their games. They’re running a special event where all of the DLC for the game is 50% off, apart from the recently released Jade Dragon, which is 33% off.

DLC's bought via the Plaza will still be valid with anything you've acquired via Steam - including the free game promotion from last week. Paradox will simply issue you a Steam key via their store, which you can then use on Steam. If you missed out on the promotion last week, you’re not totally out of luck – the vanilla version of Crusader Kings 2 can be bought at a 75% discount.



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