It's Official, There Will be No More DLC for Crusader Kings 2

By Joe Robinson 21 Oct 2019 0

Crusader Kings 3 was announced during this year’s Paradox Convention, but there’s a lingering question as to what Paradox’s position is as to DLC support for Crusader Kings 2. It’s just gone free-to-play, after-all, and while a 2020 release for CK3 is certain it could still be up to a year before it hits digital stores.

Speaking to Henrik Fåhraeus at PDXCON it seems expansion support for CK2 officially ended with 2018’s Holy Fury.

Crusader Kings 3 has been in active development since 2015, although at that time the main focus would have been Stellaris. CK2 had already been out a while anyway and, in Henrik’s mind, received some of the best expansions already but could still go on a few more years while they worked on development of the third game.

“Perhaps we let CK2 go on a year or so too long, but we wanted to give it a kick-ass send off with Holy Fury,” he told us in an interview.

“I think one of the reasons Holy Fury was so good is that we actually back-ported some features and ideas from Crusader Kings 3. Maybe I shouldn’t have let that go but we just wanted to give CK2 the best end it could get and leave it in a good state. By that point we already knew that [Holy Fury] was going to be the last expansion. Let’s make it the best we can.”

Another reason given for the strength of Holy Fury is that the design team had an entire year to work on it. In terms of major expansions the one prior to Holy Fury was 2017’s Jade Dragon, and the two were released a year apart almost to the day.

Wanting to leave CK2 on a high note is not the worst that could happen to the game, although if you ask the community I’m sure they’d point out several areas that still need improvement. Still, it is slightly tragic that Holy Fury, which basically changed our minds about CK2’s longevity, ended up being the last expansion.

Now that there are no more expansions, what’s been your favourite CK2 DLC to date?



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