Don’t Panic! Crusader Kings II Is FREE until Saturday!

By Joe Robinson 06 Apr 2018 0

When Paradox Interactive launched Crusader Kings II in 2012, they introduced entire legions of unsuspecting PC gamers to the wondrous world of grand-strategy gaming. CK2’s unique blend of Total War-esque empire building, and Sims-inspired people management proved to be a winning combination.

Six years on and the game’s still going strong, with 28 DLCS (14 of which are major expansion) and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon, despite our pleas for a new game.

If you’ve been living on a rock all these years and somehow DON’T have CK2 yet, you’re in for a treat – the base game is currently 100% FREE on Steam. RIGHT NOW.

The promotion started last night so we’ve already lost a bit of time, but Paradox tweeted that it’d last 48 hours. You have until 10am PDT / 5pm GMT tomorrow (Saturday) to grab it – once you do, it’s yours forever!

While the base game offers countless hours of entertainment, there is all that DLC we mentioned. Apart from the most recent Jade Dragon expansion, it’s all currently running at a 50% discount as part of the promotion.

If only there was a handy guide that could help you decided what DLC to buy.

If you do end-up grabbing CK2 for the first time, let us know how you get on with it!



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