Crusader Kings 3 Will Release in September

By Joe Robinson 14 May 2020 0

Four months ago, the world was a vastly different place. We could go outside, we could eat in restaurants and the term ‘Covid-19’ was just a whisper on the wind. Four months from now, who knows what state everything will be in? One thing I do know though is that I probably won’t care because I’ll be playing Crusader Kings 3.

Paradox Interactive have today announced the release date for their sequel to the strategy game that defined a genre and launched a thousand DLCs. Crusader Kings 3 will be released on PC on September 1st, 2020.

I spent some time last week playing a beta version of the game in a behind-closed doors preview session. One thing more modern grand strategy games have always done well is make a good first impression and Crusader Kings 3 doesn't disappoint on this score. Minimal UI, gorgeous 3D (and 2D) maps… but then you need to start trying to dig beneath the surface to figure out how it all works.

For every step forward in terms of accessibility - in-game encyclopedia, tooltips-within-tooltips, cleaner menu areas etc. - there’s always something else that resists understanding. I don’t think Paradox will ever be able to stop trying to explain their games to people, but then learning to play a Paradox game has always been a kind of ‘right of passage’ for strategy gamers. Crusaders Kings 3 is going to be no different, but you’ll still have fun doing it and early impressions suggest they've addressed some of the things that made me bounce off CK2.

I'll be sharing more about my own thoughts on the game next, but for now you can check out a preview written by our sister website, PCGamesN.

Crusader Kings 3 will be available from the Paradox Store and “major online retailers” (like Steam) for $49.99/ £41.99/ €49.99, and is available to pre-order now.



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