Cyberpunk Strategy Spinnortality Launches Kickstarter Campaign

By Marcello Perricone 14 Nov 2017 0

Spinnortality, the cyberpunk management game about running a megacorporation and achieving immortality, has launched on Kickstarter.

Under development for the past two years by James Patton, the strategy game puts you in the shoes of the CEO of a global megacorporation hellbent on taking control of the planet and eventually life itself. According to the press release, you can:

  • Research horrific products, then launch marketing campaigns to convince everyone they’re brilliant
  • Buy media outlets and manipulate culture
  • Bribe politicians and change laws
  • Launch black ops and destroy governments, then set up puppet regimes
  • Research brain-transfer tech and become immortal

We quite liked the early build we played back in August, and found it a "surprisingly deep title" -- from social media campaigns and bribes to brainwashing and starting foreign wars, there are few evil things you can't do. 

You can find the Kickstarter page here, and the game's official website here. Keep in mind that although we liked the game, all the usual caveats apply: take this solely as bringing the crowdfunding campaign to your attention, and do not pre-order or back any game you are not yourself confident in. Caveat emptor.



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