Darkest Dungeon reveals more details about its versus mode The Butcher's Circus

By Sean Martin 24 Apr 2020 0

Red Hook have announced more details about their upcoming versus mode for Darkest Dungeon. The Butcher's Circus is a free piece of DLC for the base game that will let you bring its fantastic turn-based combat to bear against other players. Originally announced on April fools day, many thought it was a joke, but Red Hook actually decided to make the mode.

The Butcher's Circus will add a subscreen to the Hamlet in Darkest Dungeon, letting you easily switch between. Once you're there you can challenge a friend, jump into the main tent for match-making with other bloodthirsty heroes, or you can go to the prize booth, where rewards will be up for grabs when you complete certain progression-based goals.

The good news is also that you won't have to bring in heroes from your main game to fight in the Circus, so you don't have to worry about losing your favourites. You can instead select your own line-up, letting you mess around with party composition, and experiment with the best ways to beat your foes.

Darkest Dungeon has risen to huge popularity as a dungeon crawler, but in particular for its challenging, strategic turn-based combat. Last year, Red Hood posted a teaser about Darkest Dungeon 2, and more recently tweeted about their progress with the second game: 

There's no release date currently for the DLC, but its game page says it's coming soon. If you want more details, you can find them on The Butcher's Circus Steam page. You can also find the post outlining all of the DLC details discussed here. 



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