Dawn of War III: Eldar Faction Overview

By Marcello Perricone 24 Mar 2017 0

Dawn of War III approaches its unit roster as a mix of Company of Heroes 2 and the 40k franchise, focusing on a difference between quantity and quality. On one hand, you’ve got your standard units, built in traditional RTS fashion and meant to flood your enemies and control the map. On the other, you’ve got the elite units: small squads or single characters capable of taking half an army out by themselves, but significantly harder to deploy and kill. On this article, we’ll look at an overview of the Eldars' unique abilities and the type of units available.

Eldar Units

eldar unit

Standard Units

  • Rangers: Intel gathering units coming in two types; Sniper Scouts are long-range anti-infantry, while Stealth Scouts are invisible infiltration units with a focus on detection and sabotage.
  • Bonesingers: Builder units and detectors, with no combat capabilities.
  • Dire Avengers: Eldar's basic ranged unit, very weak in melee with medium damage at range.
  • Howling Banshees: Fast fragile units capable of dealing devastating melee damage.
  • Dark Reapers: Heavier troops specialised in anti-infantry combat.
  • Wraithguard: Heavy troops equipped with dual ranged laser weapons.
  • Shadow Spectres: Anti-tank fragile units capable of flight.
  • Vyper Jetbikes: Fast moving vehicular scouts.
  • Falcon Gravs: The basic skimmer-tank unit of the Eldar army, it is lightly armed and capable of jumping across impassable terrain.
  • Fire Prism: Artillary piece effective against all types of armour.

Eldar Elite Units

farseer macha

Farseer Macha is the leader of the Eldar forces. Returning from the first Dawn of War, this hot Space Elf is a spell caster and formidable melee threat capable of effectively supporting her troops with quick bursts of damage and crowd control.

  • Singing Spear: Line-nuke that sticks to the targeted location and can be called back to Macha, knocking back and damaging anything it hits along the way. If uncalled, the spear boosts the damage of nearby Eldar forces and allows Macha's other abilities to be activated from its location.
  • Psyker Blast: A small damage-dealing AoE that buffs the Farseer's attacks and reduces incoming damage. If the Singing Spear is activated and planted somewhere, it instead creates an aura that buffs allies near it.
  • Temporal Wave: A temporal sphere capable of putting enemies into stasis where they cannot attack, move, or be damaged, effectively locking down the action for a time. If the spear has been planted, it instead creates a temporal wall between Macha and the spear.

Jain Zar is a Banshee leader and Phoenix Lord, and acts as the game's deadliest melee fighter. Capable of attacking with lightning speed and dealing incredible damage, she can complitely obliterate squadrons of ranged units if allowed to close in.

  • Silent Death: Fires a line nuke in a direction, which reverses course after a reasonable distance. Will return to Jain Zar wherever she is on the battlefield, and does enough damage to wipe out poorly positioned squads.
  • Dash: Jain Zar charges to a targeted point. Hitting an enemy will cause her to leap into the air with an explosion, landing a short distance away with another explosion. It can also be combo'd with Silent Death as an escape tool.
  • Battle Scream: After charging, this unit slows all enemies around it and prevent them from escaping.
  • Fleet of Foot: Passive ability that increases movement speed and Battle Fervor regeneration speed near webway gates.

The Wraithlord is the smaller cousin of the Wraithknight, forgoing ranged attacks for an absolutely gigantic sword.

  • Glaive Charge: Charge forward, knocking away all enemies in a line and dealing damage. Reactivating the ability causes a cleave attack, further knocking back and damaging all enemies in front.
  • Ethereal Wall: Puts up a wall in front of the Wraithlord, block enemy fire. Enemies that move through it are slowed, while allies are sped up.
  • Fleet of Foot: Passive ability that increases movement speed and Battle Fervor regeneration speed near webway gates.

Wraithblades are heavy troops, dealing huge damage with their dual-wielding swords and taking a lot of punishment to go down.

  • Vengeance: A charge attack that taunts on impact and grants them Fury. Fury stacks are gained thorough combat and increase their damage by 25% per stack.
  • Soul Recall: A retreat button that makes the Wraithblades leave their bodies and rush to the nearest Infinity Portal to be healed, it is a limited ability with a fairly long cooldown. Wriathblades can't be targeted nor damaged while retreating.
  • Fleet of Foot: Passive ability that increases movement speed and Battle Fervor regeneration speed near webway gates.

There is also an unnamed Ranger Hero seen on wallpapers and screenshots, with a bright red ponytail. Details TBA.

Eldar Super Units

Eldar Wraithknight1

The Wraithknight is a towering Eldar construct, devastating enemies at range and quickly moving abound the battlefield. It is capable of dealing massive damage from afar, but it can quickly go down under sustained fire or melee engagement.

  • Jump: A short range jump that ends in a slide. While sliding, the Wraithknight buts out more damage, and the slide itself knocks units back.
  • Distortion Rift: Creates a black hole at target location, pulling in enemy infantry and slowing vehicles. Doesn't kill units pulled in, but does lock them out of action or movement.
  • Focused Beam: A massive beam of light that deals huge damage to anything inside. One-shots most things.

Wraithknight Taldeer is is the revived form of Farseer Taldeer from previous Dawn of War games, and this towering monster acts as melee-focused variant of the Wraithknight. Wielding a sword and shield and taking armies head-on, it features better armor than his counterpart. Details are TBA.

Eldar Faction Abilities


  • Webway Portals

This allows various Eldar buildings to teleport around the map.
Two buildings can also be linked together to allow units to teleport between them. This allows for some powerful ambushes.

  • Eldritch Storm

Super ability.
Creates a massive, damaging, slowing AOE.
Can be reactivated on a unit to turn it into the storm's conduit, making it larger, with lightning strikes.

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