Dawn of War III: Orks Faction Overview

By Marcello Perricone 27 Mar 2017 0

Dawn of War III approaches its unit roster as a mix of Company of Heroes 2 and the 40k franchise, focusing on a difference between quantity and quality. On one hand, you’ve got your standard units, built in traditional RTS fashion and meant to flood your enemies and control the map. On the other, you’ve got the elite units: small squads or single characters capable of taking half an army out by themselves, but significantly harder to deploy and kill. On this article, we’ll look at an overview of the Orks' unique abilities and the type of units available.

Ork Units

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Standard Units

  • Gretchin: Small gremlin-like creatures that serve as scouts and builders.
  • Boyz: Standard front line unit, armed with pistols and axes.
  • Tankbustas: Anti-tank infantry.
  • Trukkz: Transport vehicles with minor offensive capabilities. capable of launching transported orks across terrain (and at enemies).
  • Bomb-Squigs: Suicidal units that deal heavy damage, capable of one-shoting medium units.
  • Killer Kans: Armoured walker that can take a bit of punishment while dealing massive melee damage.
  • Brain Boyz: Psychic unit, details TBA.
  • Deffkopta: Skimmer unit that can fly over terrain, it acts as scout and harasser. It can shoot at an enemy while moving and be upgraded to wield a giant spinning saw blade that cuts troops in a line.

Ork Elite Units

ork elite

Gorgutz 'Ead'unter is the Ork warboss from the original Dawn of War expansions, and he. He's as brutal as you like, but a little smarter than the average Ork, capable of deception and sneaky tactics. And crushing skulls.

  • Grapplin' Klaw: Fires a chained claw at a location and pulls Gorgutz towards it, taunting all enemies in the area. Deals AoE damage when landing, but enemies hit along the way stop the pull short of targeted location.
  • Spinnin' Klaw: Gorgutz spins his claw around, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them down while absorbing all enemy fire. Can also be recast at a target point to deal damage in an area, pulling targets a short distance and taunting them.
  • Dirty Fightin': Passively reduces damage dealt by enemy attacks and bestows the Critical Strike effect on every sixth hit, which also hits target in a line.

Nobz are part of the Ork ruling caste, held in high regard for their size and ferocity in battle. Answering only to the Warboss, these commanders rule with strength and are proficient in close-range combat.

  • Explosive Armour: Passive ability that grants Fury when taking damage and lost when not in combat. At max Fury, the Nobz trigger an explosion around them.
  • Taunt: Pulls enemies into melee range.
  • Choppa Toss: Nearby scrap can be looted to be used as a Choppa, a throwable melee weapon that causes damage and immobilises the first enemy hit. The Choppa can be picked up and thrown again if it misses the target.

Ork Super Units

ork beauty

The Beauty da Morkanaut is an ironically named construct of death. Towering above other units in the field, Beauty can deal massive amounts of damage at long range while taking quite a punishment itself, but it can quickly go down if caught alone in the open or in melee.

  • Kustom Force Field: Creates a shot absorbing shield around Beauty that also deals damage to those nearby. It can be slowly reduced to create smaller AoE effects at a target location.
  • Rokkit Fist: Beauty's fist flies across the battlefield and hits a target area, dealing damage and stun to all caught within it. It can then be recalled, dragging all units still alive. Anything hit either way is knocked back, and this ability disables Beauty's own melee attacks for obvious reasons.
  • Gretchin Repair Squad: Uses scrap to spawn Gretchin builder units, that heal Beauty and can also be used as normal builders.
  • Reinforcement Point: Passive ability that allows allies near Beauty to reinforce their squads and replenish lost units.

The Gargant is a massive walker specialised on melee combat. Details TBA.

The Squiggoth is a ferocious beast capable of trampling and devouring units. Details TBA.

Orks Faction Abilities


  • Scrap

Created by destroyed vehicles, scrap upgrades squads that pick it up with extra firepower or new abilities. Vehicles can also be built with scrap at a discount.

  • Waaagh Towers

An Ork building that summons scrap and shoots enemies. Has the Waaagh ability that pumps up nearby Orks, increasing their damage and attack speed. While doing so, it is visible on the minimap and there is a global sound effect for the opponent.

  • Roks

Super ability. Summons little orky meteorites from space that plummet down, slowing and damaging enemies nearby as they come down. Once it impacts it damages, knocks back and stuns enemies nearby.

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