Dawn of War III: Space Marines Faction Overview

By Marcello Perricone 07 Mar 2017 0

Dawn of War III approaches its unit roster as a mix of Company of Heroes 2 and the 40k franchise, focusing on a difference between quantity and quality. On one hand, you’ve got your standard units, built in traditional RTS fashion and meant to flood your enemies and control the map. On the other, you’ve got the elite units: small squads or single characters capable of taking half an army out by themselves, but significantly harder to deploy and kill. On this article, we’ll look at an overview of the Space Marines unique abilities and the type of units available.

Space Marines Units

space marine unit

Standard Units

  • Scouts: Intel gathering units coming in two types; Sniper Scouts are long-range anti-infantry, while Stealth Scouts are invisible infiltration units with a focus on detection and sabotage.
  • Servitors: Builder units with no combat capabilities, they’re only built from a Stronghold.
  • Tactical Marines: The standard foot soldier of the Space Marine army, the Tactical Marines form the backbone of the Emperor’s Chapters. Possible upgrades include plasma weaponry, that deal more damage but has a slower rate of fire; and flamethrowers, that have a shorter range but can hit enemies in cover.
  • Devastators: Standard Space Marine tank unit, come in two variations: the anti-infantry Heavy Bolters or the anti-vehicle Lascannons.
  • Predator Annihilator: Specialised Lascannon tank focused on anti-tank damage.
  • Predator Destructor: Specialised area of effect auto-cannon tank focused on an anti-infantry role.
  • Land Speeders: Fast vehicles able to hover above terrain obstacles, they come equipped with a heavy bolter and can be upgraded into a melta cannon.
  • Dreadnoughts: The basic walker unit of the Space Marines, capable of heavy melee attacks and equipped with a flamer.
  • Whirlwind: Artillery tank capable of unleashing a devastating missile barrage.

Space Marine Elite Units


Gabriel Angelos is the Chapter commander, wielding a giant hammer and is able to soak up a lot of damage.

  • God-Splitter: A three-charge ability that leaps a short distance and does AOE damage on landing. Can cross obstacles and cliffs, knocks infantry down and back, plus does reasonable damage.
  • Retribution: Wide-arc swing that knocks enemies back and creates a bubble shield that blocks enemy fire. The more charges of God-Splitter available, the longer the shield lasts.
  • Critical Strike: Passive ability that increases the number of critical hits in relation to God-Splitter charges.

Jonah Orion is the Chapter Librarian, especialised in psyionic attacks and support.

  • Fury of the Ancients: A line-nuke that deals damage to enemies while increasing the speed of allies it impacts.
  • Emperor's Light: Pool of light that emanates from Jonah, giving allies an attack buff and blinding enemy units and disabling their attack.
  • Stonewall: A circle of stone that blocks enemy projectiles and movement around Jonah. Anything inside can't shoot out, and vice-versa. Lasts a medium amount of time. Casting other abilities within Stonewall powers them up, causing Fury of the Ancients to fill the area for huge damage and Emperor's Light to last longer.
  • Zeal: Passive ability that gives Jonah a Zeal charge everytime he uses an ability, reducing the time between attacks by 0.5 seconds. They stack infinitely, but reset every 10 seconds.

Terminators are super-resilient soldiers able to teleport anywhere in the battlefield, closing the distance for devastating melee attacks.

  • Teleport: Short-range teleport to a target location, causing knockback upon arrival. Can cross any terrain.
  • Hammer Slam: Area attack that damages, stuns and slows all enemies in a large area. Wide enough to hit an entire squad.

Space Marine Super Units


Imperial Knight Solaria is a massive Imperial Walker armed with incendiary missiles and twin Gatling guns, capable of decimating a whole army by itself. Towering above the battlefield, she can singlehandedly turn the tide of a battle.

  • Gatling Barrage: 90-degree conal AoE attack that does massive anti-infantry damage. Slightly long activation time, but currently one-shots standard squads.
  • Ironstorm Missiles: Six individually targetable missiles that do large explosive damage. Can all target the same location, and cooldown is reduced the fewer missiles are used.
  • Overheat: Passive ability that causes Solaria to do more damage when firing for an extended period of time. Gattling Barrage gains knockback and Ironstorm Missiles leave pools of slowing napalm where they hit.

The Knight Paladin is the melee version of the Imperial Knight super unit. Details TBA.

The Venerable Dreadnought operates as an Elite version of the Dreadnought. Details TBA. 

Space Marine Faction Abilities


  • Death From Above

Drop Pods give you a separate build queue, allowing you to have up to three units ready to be deployed from orbit at anytime. Small units like Tac Marines and Assault Marines arrive via Drop Pods, scattering troops where they land and disrupting the battlefield. Large units like Predator Tanks and Dreadnaughts are dropped from a Thunderhawk air transport, which creates less of a landing impact, but gives you a heavy unit faster than usual.

Deathstorm Drop Pods are a variant of the standard ones; they don't deliver units, but come equipped with autocannons on each door, dealing massive damage until they are destroyed. The Drop Pods have a 2 minute cooldown after deployment before they can be used again.

  • Plant The Standard

A representation of the Space Marine bravery, the Standard can be placed at a target location to change the flow of battle. The Imperial Standard knocks enemies down when it lands and increases allied movement speed in the area around it, along with a tiered bonus based on your HQ building; Tier 1 grants shields to allied units nearby, Tier 2 fires targeted orbital strikes around the Standard, and Tier 3 heals units within the Standard's area of influence.

  • Orbital Bombardment

Controllable super ability unlocked at HQ Level 3, this game-changing orbital strike calls a huge beam of space-death from space, destroying anything it touches. It has a 5 minute cooldown after deployment, and units hit by it are held in place and suspended in the air -- those that are not destroyed upon contact continue to take damage. Capable of destroying even Super Units in one-go, the orbital bombardment gets larger, moves slower, and deals more damage with each enemy killed.

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