Democracy 4 Coming in 2019

By Joe Robinson 17 Sep 2018 0

Development studio Postiech (aka Cliff Harris) have confirmed they’re working on a fourth entry in their Democracy series of political strategy/simulation games. This series puts you in charge of an entire nation as the political head, and tries to accurately model the trials and tribulations you would face. Part politics, international crises, crime, welfare etc...

Democracy 4 will be trying to tackle the new issues that have arisen in politics since Democracy 3’s release in 2013, such as fake-news, the impact of social media and social issues in general. Previous ‘what if’ or ‘hot topics’ that were prevalent in the third game will be dropped.

The new title isn’t due out until 2019, but Positech have said there will be some kind of early access or beta period in the run up to launch. Democracy 4 will also include all of the features introduced in Democracy 3’s expansions – Africa, Extremism, Social Engineering, Clones & Drones and Electioneering.



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