Desperados III gets a release date

By Sean Martin 21 Apr 2020 1

THQ Nordic has announced that the long anticipated prequel to the Desperados games will release June 16th 2020 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  The first two Desperados were Commandos-esque real-time tactics games, set in the rough and tumble of the Wild West. You and your fellow misfits would knock over other gangs, save hapless frontier-folk, and get paid.

Desperados III keeps much of the same formula, as you undertake missions with a gang of five other shady cowpokes. There's bounty hunter, John Cooper, Doc the hitman, a runaway bride called Kate, Hector the trapper, and Isabelle, a mysterious lady from New Orleans. Each of these five will have their own particular set of skills which will help you in your missions.

The game will see you fighting and sneaking your way through rural towns, swamps, and riverbanks, as well as taking part in dramatic showdowns worthy of the Wild West.

As with most tactics games, Desperados III's emphasis is upon freedom of approach, and choosing to tackle situations by coming up with detailed plans, or by improvising on the fly.

From the trailer we can see that freedom of approach in action - whether choosing to go in guns hot, to stealth, or to plan so intricately that the bad guys are basically fish in barrel. 

Desperados III will also feature a variable difficulty settings, if like me, you're someone who gets carried away and goes guns blazing into tactics games. There will also be a new mode with which to play Desperados, called Showdown, allowing you to pause real-time, giving you greater agency in reacting to ambushes and gun-wielding folks of ill-repute. 

So if that sounds sweeter than a sarsaparilla, you can find more info on the Desperados III website, or on the Steam page.



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