DOTA Underlords gets a WiP ‘Battle Pass’ as datamine revels new heroes and game features

By Joe Robinson 15 Jul 2019 0

Valve continue their impressive work updating and improving their own Auto Chess offering, DOTA Underlords. Over the weekend the game received the first draft of its own version of Battle Pass. It’s called the ‘Proto Pass’ as it’s very much a work-in-progress, as it the game itself, but like OG Auto Chess and everyone else, it’s a way to award goodies and extras for continued play.

Our sister website has a great guide with DOTA Underlords tips, if you fancy giving it a read.

There will be challenges and achievements – typically of the daily, weekly and season variety if other games are to go by – and then the ‘stuff’ you can expect for the moment will be largely cosmetic. Think emotes, Chess Boards, Banners etc… Our friends at PCGamesN have a more detailed write up on the specifics.

dota underlords proto pass 2

While this ‘Proto’ pass is currently free to everyone playing the beta, it will become a paid-for thing when the game releases out of beta so this is very much an R&D experiment to try and gauge what people want how how they want it. The Auto Chess game has a Battle Pass system of its own with a free and premium tier, so even as a free player you can still get something for participating. We imagine when the PC Alpha gets up and running, the same system will cross over.

If that wasn't all, there was recently a datamine run into Underlords which revealed some interesting new details regarding the game’s future:

  • A Replay function allowing you to record and export either whole or parts of matches.
  • A ‘Turbo Mode’ which is meant to try and speed up matches. Personally I’d rather see a genuine ‘short’ version of the game as opposed to measures that shave off some minutes here and there, but I’ll take what I can get.
  • New Heroes – at least 15 new heroes are due to appear some-time soon.

There’s no timetable on when any of this is due to launch – datamining just reveals data that’s already been pre-seeded into the game but that’s not an indication of commitment, only vague intent. Will be interesting to see what turns up after the update this week.



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