Dungeons 3 is now available as a 'complete collection'

By Ian Boudreau 30 Jun 2020 0

Those of us who remember will always have fond memories of Bullfrog Productions, the Guildford-based studio responsible for Populous, Syndicate, and Theme Hospital. The Dungeon Keeper games are among the studio's most beloved, and while we may never get another official sequel to those classics, Kalypso's Dungeons series has taken up the mantle rather competently. Dungeons 3, the latest, is now available in a new 'complete collection' package that includes the base game and all expansion content.

That's a lot of Dungeons 3: the DLCs include Once Upon a Time, Evil of the Caribbean, Lord of the Kings, Clash of Gods, An Unexpected DLC, Famous Last Words, and A Multitude of Maps, each of which add new thematic traps, minions, and enemies to Dungeons 3's roster of cartoon villainy.

That's seven unique campaigns, all of which are based on a kind of expanded Dungeon Keeper model. You dig out your dungeon, fill it will monster-producing structures and traps, and defend it from incursion by meddling heroes, just as you would in Dungeon Keeper. But in Dungeons 3, you're also building an army to take the fight to the do-gooders topside - once you're ready, you can emerge from your lair and do battle in the real-time strategy layer of the game.

We can't speak to the quality of all the DLC, and it seems as though your enjoyment of some of that will depend heavily on your tolerance for aggressively self-aware parody humour, but this is an attractive package nonetheless thanks to just how well Dungeons 3 manages to evoke that old Bullfroggy feeling of sitting down to slap imps around in Dungeon Keeper. The Dungeons 3 Complete Collection is available from Kalypso and on Steam.



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