Thirteen years after release, Dwarf Fortress is finally getting 3D graphics (and coming to Steam!)

By Joe Robinson 13 Mar 2019 0

Dwarf Fortress is a bit of a legend amongst sim/strategy gamers. wonderfully complex, highly addictive, and yet it still uses text-based graphics that most games wouldn't be caught dead in these days. It’s the game that's inspired everything from Minecraft, to Rimworld, and whole lot of other cool games in between. Provided you can get over its stark visual & difficulty hurdles, it’s also one of those titles that one should really play before you die.

You’d have assumed though that, since the development team have just quietly plugging away for sixteen years and taking earnings via their Patreon, that this was going to be the state of things forever...

... turns out, you’d be wrong.

The developers have announced today that, for the first time, Dwarf Fortress will be coming to Steam and in a new premium version that will feature new graphics, new music, and a few other bells and whistles to justify a premium price-point.

It’s not all good news – this move has been made necessary due to some of the developer’s family developing health issues, and Bay12 Games are a bit worried over the future of Patreon right now.

dwarf fortress steam 1

The premium version will functionally play exactly as the Classic, free version, which will still be available to anyone who wants it. The plan is that both versions can be updated at the same time going forward, it’s just that the premium version will sport actual graphics over numbers and letters, as well as things like Steam Workshop.

Bay 12 are working with a company called KitFox games for this move, and there’s a pretty extensive FAQ available if you have any specific concerns that need addressing.

We for one think it’s a great move – visual presentation can form a large part over someone’s choice as to whether or not to invest their time into something, and I imagine even something as small as an overlaid graphics and tiles set will inspire many new fans to try the game out for the first time.



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