E3 2018: Meanwhile, in strategy gaming…

By Joe Robinson 11 Jun 2018 0

It’s E3 week, which means the whole games industry is going to be consumed for the next few days with what the big players are doing. This could mean a quiet week for us, depending on what does and doesn’t get announced. But in the meantime, we’ve summarised the most interesting bits of strategy news that’s dropped over the past seven days.

Although, we’ve already had one surprised strategy announcement from Microsoft. Who knows what else will crop up as the show kicks off in earnest.

Meanwhile, in strategy gaming…

E3 2018: Gears of War: Tactics announced

E3 has never been a great home for strategy games, although recent initiatives like the PC Gaming Show try to help. Microsoft surprised us all this year during their conference though by announcing the XCOM-inspired turn-based tactics game Gears of War: Tactics.

Whether this is related to the Kinect game of the same name that’s now MIA, we don’t know (though it seems likely), but what we do know at this point is that the project is in pre-alpha and will feature ‘Boss Battles’ as a subtle twist on the typical XCOM formula.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Delayed

Creative Assembly’s next main entry in their Total War franchise – Total War: Three Kingdoms – has been delayed to Spring 2019. We thought it was a bit ambitious to have two Total War titles released in a single year, even if Thrones of Britannia isn’t considered a ‘proper’ Total War release by some.

To placate the angry masses, SEGA and CA have released an in-engine trailer focusing on one of the game’s three protagonists, Cao Cao as well as some battle footage:

In a blog-post that accompanied the news, Creative Assembly talk about how there’s going to be a dual aspect to the game. On the one hand, there will be a more dramatic and fantastical version of the campaign inspired by Luo Guanzhong’s novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, while on the other the game will also offer what is being called ‘Classic Mode’, which “offers a much more grounded recreation of the period for players who prefer a historically authentic Total War experience.”

Paradox Summer Sale

You’ll probably be aware of this already as we’ve been re-publishing all of our DLC guides to mark the occasion, but Paradox are holding a ‘Summer Sale’ evenT on their own store.

Until this Thursday, June 14th, over 200+ games will be discounted by up to 80%. You can get everything from the excellent and under-appreciated Steel Division (75% off) to Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game (75%) off.

Each of the major grand-strategy games and their entire DLC libraries are also discounted, so make sure you check out our guides for Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II, Hearts of Iron 4 & Stellaris.

Don’t fret too much that this isn’t Steam – Paradox hand out Steam keys with any purchase made via their store, like many stores of game companies that also work closely with Valve.

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