Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend both getting expansions next week

By Joe Robinson 27 Jul 2018 0

Amplitude have just lifted the lid on what they’ve been up to, after taking a summer break. Last we heard was a teaser image the studio dropped at the start of July for Endless Legend, showing the title screen for a new expansion.

We’ve just heard that not only is Endless Legend: Inferno a thing, it’s also coming next week on August 2nd… AND there’s a new update for Endless Space 2 as well, titled Supremacy. C-c-c-combo!

Endless Space: Inferno introduces a new race called the Kapaku, who use mechanical golems to get around overcome their shortcomings. They want to turn the world into a paradise for their people… the only problem is, ‘paradise’ for them is a planet full of volcanoes and fire and brimstone. Weirdo. A new lava biome will be introduced, as well terraforming. There will also be new events and bonuses to exploit as well.

Meanwhile, Endless Space 2: Supremacy introduced the samurai inspired Hissho. They make sure of a special resource called Keii, which is generated from battles and used to fuel special abilities. They introduce four heroes to the game, and in general a new minor faction has been added, as well as the ‘Behemoth’ ship type. Think of the mega-weapons recently introduced into Stellaris, and they follow a similar concept (withspecialisations to boot).

Both expansions are currently running with a launch discount of $11.69 / £9.89 / €11.69, although you can pick up both for the even more reasonable price of $20.78 / £17.58 / €20.78.



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