Europa Universalis IV 1.30 ‘Austria’ Patch Notes

By Joe Robinson 09 Jun 2020 0

Update: EU4's Emperor expansion is out now. You can read our review here.

Original Story: We’re now on the home stretch - EU4’s next expansion, Emperor, is on the horizon, and the development team have done their customary Patch Notes post so you can see specifically what changes are coming to the game in both the free 1.30 ‘Austria’ update, as well as the expansion itself.

For a while now, Paradox expansions have always been accompanied by a major patch that makes sweeping changes in line with what the expansion brings in terms of new features and content. Different grand strategy games strike a different balance between content that get’s given for free via the patch, and what you actually pay for as part of the expansion. Let’s take a look at what the balance is looking like this time around.

Please note the below is not exhaustive, and we recommend checking out the dev blog for the full patch notes.

EU4 Emperor Expansion Paid Features

  • Added Golden Bulls that let's the Curia Controller affect the entire faith.
  • Pope can now appoint cardinals in other countries or within his own.
  • New Council of Trent mechanics to let Catholics to stem the tide of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Added Imperial Incident system for HRE that will make Central Europe feel more alive and dynamic.
  • Added two paths for Imperial Reforms for the HRE, Decentralized and Centralized.
  • Added Hegemony status mechanics for the greatest of the Great Powers.
  • New Events across multiple systems:
    • New Defender of the Faith events, including Jihads for Muslim holy cities and opportunities for Catholics to repair relations with rivals.
    • New events about the Papal Tithe and Curia Treasury.
    • Several 18th century events e.g. The Flour Wars that enhance the build-up to the Revolution and make it more likely to happen in the country where they take place.
    • Added events adding flavour to the spread of revolutionary ideas in Europe and the colonies.
  • Added a Revolutionary Satellite State government reform that the Revolutionary Target can impose on its client states and enemies.
  • New and expanded mission trees for the following nations:
    • France
    • Brandenburg/Prussia
    • Germany and the HRE
    • Provence
    • Switzerland
    • Crusader States
    • Naples & The Two Sicilies
    • Bohemia
    • Papal States
    • Lubeck
    • Saxon mission (available for Saxony and Thuringia).
    • Savoyard
    • Genoa
    • Bavaria
    • Milan
    • Hungary
    • Netherlands
    • Austria
    • Serbia
    • Florence
    • Italy
    • Venice
    • Burgundy
  • The ideals of the Revolution now spreads over provinces and incurs harsh penalties on absolutist countries.
  • Allowed you to choose to support or oppose the Revolutionaries in the Revolution and French Revolution disasters.
  • Added several new unique reforms for Revolutionary countries, both Republic and Empire.
  • Added unique Revolutionary Guard special unit for Revolutionary countries
  • Revolutionary Countries can now take over the torch of the Revolution from the Revolutionary Target.
  • Lots of Imperial Incidents, including the Burgundian Inheritance.

EU4 1.30 ‘Austria’ Patch Notes & Free Features

  • Reworked Mercenary system that uses Mercenary Companies instead of individual Mercenary Regiments.
  • Overhauled and better integrated Estates mechanics with Privileges & Agendas.
  • Removed Corruption from Territories and made a whole new Government Capacity mechanic.
  • Added new option to allow people to change countries multiple times, must be off for achievements.
  • New Missions for several nations, including Bulgaria, Brittany, Croatia etc.
  • Added Crusader State government for Jerusalem
  • Added Italian Wars dynamic historical event, beginning when a major power is at war with an Italian nation. Enables special mercenary companies and a triggered modifier for around 50 years for active participants.
  • Added Military Dictatorship government reform and legacy government. Rulers reign for life, and the best General succeeds on ruler death.
  • Lots of other new government types.
  • The Observer can now access information in the ledger when it is locked or limited
  • Added "marines" type of infantry that unloads much faster, but you can only have a fraction of in your force limit. REQUIRES Golden Century or Rule Britannia.
  • Custom nations can now setup how they want their units to look from the players purchased sprite packs.
  • War Taxes is now a toggle that costs 2 Mil points a month if you are at war.

This doesn't include all of the changes they've made in terms of the Economy, game balance, war & peace etc., which you can read more about by looking at the full patch notes.

As you can see, there’s actually a pretty healthy balance between free and paid features this time around. With the introduction of the new Mission system in Rule Britannia, it’s allowed for a lot more content to be included as a paid extra to get bonus missions, and plenty of events and add-on mechanics have gone into Emperor as well.

The free patch includes some free mission content as well, but mainly looks at base mechanics such as Government Reforms and further overhauling of Estates. Note that some content requires other expansions, and also some legacy features (such as Free Cities) have been made free with the base game.

Europa Universalis 4: Emperor is due out via Steam & the Paradox Store on June 9th, 2020



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