Paradox are allowing you to play an EU4 expansion for free, for a limited time

By Joe Robinson 25 Feb 2019 0

Even though the concept of 'Try before you buy' is a noble one, I never thought it'd be something that would work with Paradox DLC expansions. Depending on which game we're talking about (and which expansion) the changes that come with the premium content aren't always obvious, and their effect on the wider game can often be subtle.

Paradox themselves seem to think trying DLC out before you buy it is worth exploring, however, as they've today announced that owners of Europa Universalis IV get to try out one piece of DLC for free for an entire week, starting right now.

The DLC they've chosen is The Art of War, EU4's fourth expansion that released in 2014. This follows on from a similar promotion they did in January where Mandate of Heaven was available to play for free. In our view Art pf War is one of the more essential expansions for the game, especially for European playthroughs; make sure you check out our EU4 DLC guide for the full summary of what this brings to the game. In short though, lots of good war-themed bits, and some interesting event change that make the mid-late game more interesting.


In order to access the DLC you need to log into your Paradox Account via the in-game launcher, then go to the DLC list and make sure Art of War is ticked. You can then play with the DLC until around noon (CET) on Monday 4th March, unless you purchase it.

Some other things to note:

  • If you already own this expansion, then there's no compensation unfortunately. You'll have to wait until they do this with one you don't own.
  • Existing save games can be continued as normal with the DLC enabled, however if you start a new game with this DLC then you won't be able to continue that play-through until you purchase. Or until a new major patch breaks all the saves anyway.

It's an interesting premise, but again, my earlier concerns as to how much you'll be able to 'notice' of the new pack still remain. Art of War is a good choice I guess. I'd be very interested in knowing how this promotion is doing for them overall, and where they decide to take it. Maybe we'll see if for other games as well?



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